David Meulen picks up his scratched, trustworthy acoustic guitar – he’s been playing it for a long time now. The sound it emits is both percussive and melodic all at once, the perfect combination for his unique hard-hitting acoustic rock style. This is the sound he has found, and he’s ready to share it with the world.

At age 17 David started alternative rock band Dividable Grand with high school friends, and performed with the group for a couple of years. A fair amount of success followed with DG performing alongside some of the biggest acts in South Africa, including Prime Circle, aKing, Taxi Violence and many more. Television appearances, festival performances and extensive radio play followed and led to the band recording with top South African producer Theo Crous.

Using the experience gained from this, David branched out to other genres and started focusing on his solo career.
The first thing he did was embark on a lone road trip, bringing only his guitar and essentials. The purpose of this? Songwriting. Starting again from scratch, building up from nothing.
Poor guitar!
Preparations for live shows followed, and you could feel the excitement building. He is a man on a mission, and that mission is music.

Once he was sure he had the tracks perfected, he approached Brendyn Rossouw of Heritage Sound studios, and together they crafted an album that would do the songs justice. 

The minimalistic @davidmeulen features an eclectic mix of well-known artists. Legendary Johnny Clegg Band drummer Barry Van Zyl and virtuoso Dirty Skirts bassist Maurice Paliaga came in to provide rhythm sections for a few of the tracks. The lonesome Blues Harp king Dave Ferguson appears on the bluesy tracks. Double-bass, piano and accordion add to the unique sound of the album, which was released 24 April 2014.

David’s passion for music can be traced back to when he discovered The Beatles at the age of six. “I love The Beatles. They make me utterly happy. I first heard a song of theirs on the radio and I was sold – this was a good 30 years after they broke up! I started playing guitar a week later. This is what I’d love to create, I thought – something that lasts and inspires.”
He should probably have been a sixties man. Walking into his home you’ll often hear the turntable belting out Hendrix or Dylan while he jams happily along, the greats watching from the psychedelic posters that cover his walls. Occasionally he grabs his Gibson Les Paul, nudging the volume knob up suspiciously often, singing along as loud as humanly possible.

And this is what you can expect from a live show by David Meulen. Joining him on stage, drummer Jay Latter and bassist Kyle Dijkstra provide a vibe leaving you with a strong urge to sing, dance, and no choice but to have a good time. The trio will be gigging throughout 2014.

Keep watching out for David Meulen and his crew – there’s plenty more on the way.

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