Months of work, refinement, more work and not enough sleep culminated in a spectacular release Thursday 24 April 2014 in Woodstock, Cape Town.

This means, of course, that "@davidmeulen", the ironic self titled debut album of David Meulen, is available worldwide on iTunes and more than 30 other online stores for your convenience! 

This minimalistic singer-songwriter album has had an overwhelming amount of fantastic musicians swinging in to the comfortable, worldclass studio Heritage Sound - be one of the first to download it here:


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The album launch is upon us!

The official CD Launch for "@davidmeulen" will be held at Roodebloem Studios, Woodstock on Thursday 24 April 2014. (Address: 43 Roodebloem Road.) 
Additional pre-event sound sculptures supplied by oddenjinears 
Time: 19h30 
Cover: R30.00 (Tickets at door.) 
Free Entry if you buy a CD (R100)

iTunes and other digital albums will launch on the 24th as well!

Join the Facebook Event here!

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The single is finally here! It's been a wild journey but things are finally coming together. David Meulen's new single, "Remember Me?" releases today for all of you to hear!

To all our internet fans we're releasing a FREE download of the single for a limited time. You can listen and download here:

Play "Remember Me?" on SoundCloud


The single, "Remember Me?", precedes David Meulen's upcoming debut album "@davidmeulen", releasing 24 April 2014. 

Recorded at Heritage Sound studio by Brendyn "Rusti" Rossouw in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, the single took shape along with the album across a couple of memorable months.


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Some Pics From My Travels and Musical Adventures

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