The website is here!!! A lil bit of er'thang, the social media hub of everything to come. Featuring illustrations by Jessii Howell and plenty of coding magic, is the first place you will hear about releases, shows, appearances and more.  

Preparations for the album launch have begun. David is heading to Hout Bay to work with legendary mixer Neal Snyman to perfect the album. It's been a long time in the making, many late-night hours, great memories, perplexed muso's and blistered fingers, but it's coming - and soon.

Meanwhile, as 2014 dates begin to roll in, Dave and his live band are preparing a couple of epic sets, tight and tour-ready, headed to a venue near you.

The newest addition to the band is epic drummer Jay Latter. Tutored by drum master Barry Van Zyl and more, this guy is the drummer to watch. Tying in with the ever-solid bassist Kyle Dijkstra, they make David Meulen's rhythm section groove 

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Some Pics From My Travels and Musical Adventures

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