The music is what it's all about. Recorded at Heritage Sound studios with talented producer/engineer Brendyn Rossouw, the album '@davidmeulen' consists of 12 fresh brand-new tracks; ranging from nostalgic acoustic storytellings to excitingly bluesy full band jams, '@davidmeulen' will leave you with the need to start it up again.

The album features an eclectic mix of fantastic musicians, including legendary drummer Barry Van Zyl, and virtuoso Dirty Skirts bassist Maurice Paliaga. Evelyn Hart brings a nostalgic touch on the piano, and the lonesome Blues Harp king Dave Ferguson jams along soulfully! Bringing together this collection of talent and adding in solid recurring appearances from double bassist Maria Pretorius and accordionist Lize Wiid brings David Meulen's imagery-driven songs forward memorably.
The album was released in April, 2014.

Putting together the perfect three-piece with drummer Jay Latter and bassist Kyle Dijkstra (who also featured notably on the album), the band will be touring the album throughout 2014. Look out for them road-tripping through your hometown, bringing with their unique alternative acoustic sound!
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Kyle Dijkstra - Bassist

I love playing bass. It's not so much the actual playing of the instrument, but more what happens when a group of musicians get together and create something far greater than the sum of the individual parts. There's an energy and excitement that just can't be replicated.

Why do I love bass? When a band gets on stage it's usually the front-man who gets the attention, and that's perfect by me, because I can take a step back and immerse myself in the deep, almost physical vibrations of the music. I play for the love of music.

Jay Latter - Drummer

Been playing drums since the age of 13. Began learning with Jonno Sweetman in my hometown of Knysna.

I got my music degree from Rhodes University.

Then headed to Cape Town where I have been teaching and gigging the last few years, firstly with Sixgun Gospel and recently with Croak, Kraal and David Meulen.

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